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Bethesda Puts A Bird On It

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Put a bird on it, then pop a seat in the restaurant-style seating arrangement in the rec room with a bar. This Bethesda listing has a lot happening on its insides. The outside is demure from the front, contemporary from the back. The 4 bedroom, 5 bathroom quasi-contemporary house is on the market for a smidgen over a cool million for $1,014,500. The open floor plan is "fabuloos", there's a volume "ceining", and lots of other abbrevs in this listing's description, including a hot tub looking like it'll literally take you back in time. All this eccentric space is on a half-acre of MoCo property, but the future buyer will want to reign in this home's design aesthetic. Maybe just a bit.

· Listing: 8704 Eggert Dr [Estately]

Photos from Estately.