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Gtown Mall's Newest Tenants; Annie Creamcheese Heads To LA; Staying Active In Chevy Chase; Gettin' Hitched In Gtown

Welcome to Racked DC where we dig deep into the retail world and let you know about the latest happenings in fashion and shopping. Know of something interesting coming to town? Send the news into our tipline.

RACKED—It is Paris Fashion Week and our National site is streaming several live fashion shows today. Check out the schedule and plan your lunch break accordingly. [Racked]

GEORGETOWNThe Georgetown Mall is prime retail real estate and its new tenants are ready to leverage the location cachet. Not only are T.J. Maxx and HomeGoods moving into the mall Vornado's redeveloping, J.Crew is expanding its space, Washington Sports Club is getting a new entrance, and the DMV (referring to the Department of Motor Vehicles, not the acronym for the region) may "reopen there in the future". [WBJ]

GEORGETOWN—The name may be misleading but Annie Creamcheese is not a bakery but a vintage clothing store. Unfortunately, the store is decamping from its M Street location and heading to Los Angeles. If in LA, Annie Creamcheese will be in Westwood near UCLA. Westward ho! [The Georgetowner]

COLUMBIA HEIGHTS—On the heels of Annie Creamcheese comes news CoHi's Black-Eyed Susie is having a blowout sale right now until October 13 when the vintage clothing store closes its doors for the last time. Items will be "heavily discounted" so pick up some new fall clothes before Susie leaves the nabe. [New Columbia Heights]

CHEVY CHASE—Ladies, stay stylish while sweating it all out. Core72 "will offer distinctive, stylish, high performance apparel and accessory lines from a range of manufacturers" for women looking to not throw on their dirty sweats while doing Pilates, yoga, or being hardcore and lifting weights. The new store will replace Full of Beans, which has moved around the corner from its former location. [PoP]

GEORGETOWN—The Georgetown Business Improvement District is hosting an opportunity for an engaged couple to have the hassles of planning a wedding by awesome Gtown wedding merchants. Need a spa day? Done. Does the groom need a killer tux? Done and done. To register for this opportunity, jump on it. It's launching on Thursday, October 18. [Getting Hitched In Georgetown EventBrite Site]