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Gurney's Glassy Box Now Cheaper Than Its Fraternal Twin

Once upon a time there was a house by Robert Gurney that cost $6.99M. Then it cost $6.49M. But then, plot twist!, another house on the same street by the same architect was listed for $5.9M. Quandary of quandaries. They look very similar, though the first house is bigger (but it has been on the market longer). What's a seller to do? Under price the competitor, of course. So now the first house costs less than the second house. To review:

First house: 4 bed, 5/2 baths, 10,000 square feet. Latest asking Price: $5,500,000.
Second house: 4 bed, 6/2 bath, 8,000 square feet. Asking Price: $5,900,000.

· Listing: 24 Wissioming Court (first house) [Homesdatabase]
· Listing: 10 Wissioming Court (second house)[Homesdatabase]
· All Robert Gurney coverage [CDC]

All pictures from Homesdatabase.