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Foggy Bottom Cali Contemporary Droppin' It Like It's Hot

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Drop it, drop it, and drop it some more. Last year, this multi-level owner-architect California Contemporary home was on the market for $1.75M. But now the ask is a comparably affordable $1,390,000. Especially when all that dough gets convenience to...well, here's the list: the Metro, Downtown, the Kennedy Center, Gtown, West End, and Shake Shack. While maybe too mod for the average home buyer, the average home buyer ain't shelling out nearly $1.4M for a "rare roof deck", 3 bedrooms, library nook, Weru windows, and a "dramatic shower". Drama! So why the change of heart? Only the real estate gods know that answer.

· Listing: 930 Hughes Mews Ct NW [Redfin]
· Welcome To Several Levels Of Stunning In Foggy Bottom [CDC]

Photos from Home Visit.