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Curbed DC is Looking for a Contributor

Do you go weak at the knees at the sight of construction fencing and hard hats? Can you spend hours looking at real estate listings only to drag yourself away from them so you can tell your friends what you found? If all this applies to you and you like writing about it, then drop us a line telling us about yourself.

We're looking for another great writer who can wrangle the Curbed tone and voice into a blog post about development, real estate, crazy Craigslist ads, ridiculous amenities, neighborhood news, and more. It is a freelance gig that would amount to four or five posts per week on average. Contact us at with a little info about your background and a link to your blog or prior clips if you have them. Alas, if you're a real estate agent, work for one, or a PR rep for places we might cover we can't use your services.