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A Ninja And Cookie Monster Are Looking For 2 Roommates

The house is 1.5 blocks from the CoHi Metro and conveniently located close to Wonderland. Big deal, right? But what's catching about this listing is there are seven people living here, including a "film buff", "yogi", "biker ninja", and a "bookworm"/"cookie monster". (The last two are actually the same person.) Despite the collection of characters, the group seems to be rather cohesive and functioning. So it's not another season of Real World at this place. (Is that show even still on? Remember when it was actually good?) There are two spots available, and both under $1,000. So if you're a veggie and think you can roll with this crowd, give them a shout.

· $850 / 170ft² - Veg Group House [Craigslist]