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Daughters Of American Revolution Offices Converted Into Timeless Coop

If you're on the hunt for a listing with a story to tell, here's a one-in-a-million Cleveland Park coop conversion. This 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath coop in Tilden Gardens used to be the "former ballroom and offices of the Livingston Chapter of the Daughter's of the American Revolution" and was turned into a restaurant before that, then becoming a living space. Sprawling at 3,300 sq.ft., the coop has details reminding you this used to be a place of business, such as the shower nook that is up against an original brick wall. It also looks like there is a mirror inside the shower, or is that our eyes playing tricks on us? On the market for only a few days for a $1,249,000 ask, the coop has a rich interior with the additional perk of a parking space. And if you want to catch this epic conversion in action, check out this blog that captured all the before, during, and after activities.

· Listing: 3000 Tilden St [Redfin]
· Renovation Blog: 3000 Tilden St, NW #1 [New Cool Space]

Photos from Redfin.

Tilden Gardens

3900 Connecticut Ave, Washington D.C.,