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Play Sales Price Roulette in McLean

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Beds: 7
Baths: 9/3
Glass elevators: 1

Normally this is where we would alert you to a new price chop for a house that was originally listed as $12.5M but appears to have a new asking price of $8.999M. But, that is only the asking price if you agree to let the sellers live there for three years after settlement (not a delayed settlement, mind, but a post settlement occupancy). They are also willing to go up or down on the price, provided the buyer also adjusts their move-in date accordingly. From the description:

Unfurnished w/ 36 mo. sellers' post-settlement occupancy agreement (PSOA). Breathtaking Potomac views.......Also offered at $12.5M with immediate occupancy, or at $7.999M w/ 60 mo. PSOA, or at $9.999M w/ 18 mo. PSOA. This is the home with Potomac river views that was featured in the Wall Street Journal with some elaborate staging reminiscent of a Victorian mansion. If you're itching to move in right away you can, but the original ask of $12.5M is what you'll pay.

· Virginia Castle Off the Beltway [WSJ]
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