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Is This An Example Of The MTV Teen Cribs Curse?

When owning a government contracting firm doesn't pan out and working as a hip-hop producer doesn't bring in the cash and designing a gold high-top sneaker also leaves the coffers empty then the only thing to do is default on all the lines of credit and go into foreclosure on a house valued at $23M. That's what is going down for Rodney P. Hunt who started out his mini-empire mowing lawns in DC and through generous lenders started a few companies. Then he built this pimped out mega house (that was enough to impress the producers at MTV's Teen Cribs) and over-stretched himself into the tens of millions only to go into foreclosure.

The house is on Chain Bridge Road not long after you turn right from Chain Bridge itself. It is up for auction on September 27th, 2012 on the Arlington's County's Courthouse steps (a few of the interior rooms are pictured on the auction's website). But to follow the full story of Hunt's situation check out the Post article that tallies up the digits and details how things went sour.

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