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This Was Almost The Lincoln Memorial

These sketches aren't as weird as the hotel planned for the mall that was going to have dolphins swimming around an exterior aquarium, but they still seem out of place for the Mall. The Oobject blog has a look at twelve alternative plans for iconic buildings that we're all familiar with today, including these from DC. Click over for the Chrysler Building, St. Paul's Cathedral, and our personal favorite: The Triumphant Elephant that became Paris' Arc de Triomphe.

· Listing: 12 alternative versions of famous monuments [Oobject via CurbedNational]
· A Dolphin Hotel and Other Things You Will Never See in DC [CDC]

Photos from iOwnTheWorld, Library Of Congress via Oobject.

United States Capitol

U.S. Capitol, Washington, DC 20515 202-226-8000

Lincoln Memorial

National Mall, Washington, DC 20024