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Rounding Up This Season's Least Expensives

It's already August? Man, the summer is flying by. But while we still have a month or two of nice, steamy summer heat, the hottest part of the real estate season is coming to a close. Now caveat: It's DC, so the market is pretty much always hot. So we took the numbers from our Least Expensive posts over the last several months and nerded out all over Excel. What did we find? We covered 28 nabes and 281 listings. (There was a bonus listing for Logan.) We've some stats and some not-so-shocking revelations. What percentage of the listings actually sold? How many were pulled from the market? What nabe sold the most expensive Least Expensive? What nabe had every listing scooped up by a buyer? Guess away.

· The hottest nabe where every listing was sold: Ballston/Virginia Square

· Average sales price for the most expensive Least Expensive per nabe: $382,299.89

· Range of most expensive sold Least Expensive listings: $150,000 -- $830,000 (Hyattsville -- Georgetown)

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