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Great Falls Behemoth Makes Other Guys Feel Inadequate

Ready for some house porn early in your work week? Then feast your eyes on this. Much cheaper than the $32M McLean palace Chateau La Vie but still much larger than where you're living is a Great Falls manse that has nearly 9,000 sq.ft. of pimped out quarters on 5 acres of NoVa real estate. With multiple levels of "charm, grandeur & elegance" that requires you to be there to understand it, you'll need $3.5M clams to get your foothold here. And make sure you've plenty of rides because the Walk Score is (unsurprisingly) low. But at this place, you should be able to afford a personal trainer anyway for your private gym. Or just work out in your backyard pool.

· 100 Interpromontory Road [Sold On Virginia]
· And Now For A Highly Ambitious Asking Price [CDC]

Photos from Sold On Virginia