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DC's Best Dining Room Designs; RJ Cooper at Mosaic

This week's top dish from Eater DC, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog...

EVERYWHERE—In last week's Open Thread, Eater readers named their favorite restaurant dining room designs, yielding nominations from Toki Underground to CityZen. Here's a handsome photo gallery of the best of the nominees.

VIRGINIA—Who's the latest person with a concept headed to the Mosaic District? Why, it's RJ Cooper of Rogue 24. There aren't any details yet about what he's planning for the space, but it's scheduled to open in spring 2013.

U STREET—A self-described "global dancehall" named Tropicalia opened up this week in the space beneath Lost Society. Tropicalia promises to serve as "a fusion point for the spirit of cultural piracy" and its decor includes "cloud-like chandeliers" and more.

ARLINGTON—Now that Restaurant Eve mixologist Todd Thrasher's new TNT Bar has opened on Columbia Pike, it's time to look at what the early drinkers are saying about his expertly crafted cocktail menu.

FRONT & CENTER—All week long, Eater has been toasting to the front of the house employees — the servers, bartenders, managers and more — who play a big role in making a restaurant experience memorable. Friends of Eater have written in to pay tribute to folks from the likes of Boundary Stone, Floriana, American Ice Company and so much more.

WHITE HOUSE—Things are looking up for those who would like to see the White House homebrew recipe released. President Obama said in a Reddit Q&A this week that the recipe "will be out soon."

GEORGETOWN—Coming off a rough review from Tom Sietsema last week, this week saw yet another slam for Bandolero. Washingtonian critic Todd Kliman panned the restaurant with a single star review.

SHAW—Eater also took a look this week at what the early diners are saying about Izakaya Seki, the diminutive new Japanese restaurant in Shaw that is getting some big praise in important corners.

GLOVER PARK—Set in the old Kitchen space, Slate Wine Bar opened its doors in Glover Park last weekend and Eater has a look inside the wine bar with its bistro menu.

VIDEO INTERLUDE—Bravo announced this week that its new show Life After Top Chef premieres in October featuring DC's own Spike Mendelsohn and other former Top Chef contestants. Here's a preview clip from the upcoming season.