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A House Flip With A Fear Of Falling

These sellers liked to tango. They bought the place in February for $256,000 (we had featured it the December prior as an Under 300K Club member) and then did some 'spectacular renovations' and put it on the market on May 3rd for $429,500. And boy did they want to get that price. Oh, how they wanted it. But no, they realized it was too high and so a week later lowered it by one hundred dollars. Then two weeks after that it came down by another hundred dollars. But the very next day it went down to $399,900 and still it sat. Then they really dropped the price drastically and took off another four hundred dollars. That was June 13th and by July 7th it had gone under contract, selling at a final price of $392,500.

· Listing: 126 Hamilton St [CDC]
· Yes, The Fridge And Cabinet Doors Open In This House [CDC]