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Jackie O's Boxwoods Frame This Georgetown Townhouse

Over on Curbed National they're looking at how influential the Kennedy name can be in real estate, not just politics. Political dynasties are nothing new to this fair city and the Kennedy crew is one of DC's most storied families since they've lived and socialized here for generations. So it shouldn't be a shocker when a listing, especially one in Georgetown, has possible Big K connections. The 2 bedroom yellow townhouse is listed for $1,795,000 and features "boxwoods gifted by Jacqueline Kennedy" and "marble floors from The Old Ebbit Hotel". And to help keep those bushes thriving, there's the "huge pool in the south garden" to supply the water. So let's see: Kennedy connection and ties to Old Ebbitt. Sounds like the quintessential Washington property for a Georgetown power broker.

· Listing: 3306 R St [Zillow]
· The Selling Power of America's First Family, The Kennedys [Curbed National]

Photos via Curbed National