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And Now For A Highly Ambitious Asking Price

From the same people who bought you Chateau Noble on Balls Hill Drive comes this architect's daydream that would like you to consider buying it for $32 million. That is not a typo. The plans call for an eight bed, twelve bath totaling 28,000 square feet to be built on about two and a half acres of land just off of Balls Hill. Chateau Noble was originally a $17M ask that sold for $10M and was two-thirds the size of this, so naturally this one has to have a better name. Chateau La Vie is the chosen moniker.

· Listing: 7201 Dulany Drive [Homesdatabase]
· Prior Chateau Noble coverage [CDC]

Rendering from Homesdatabase

Chateau Noble

1322 Balls Hill Road, McLean, VA