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Reflecting Pool Re-Opening; Competitive Real Estate Agents

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THE MALL—The Reflecting Pool is re-opening this Sunday Friday, August 31st after a two-year renovation. Some of the improvements included sidewalks instead of gravel paths and being lit at night. Several people involved in the show gave an interview to NPR which you can listen to here. [OfficialSite; NPR]

COMPETITION WIRE—The nature of real estate agents is very competitive, but will the promise of a Rolex watch make them step up their game even more? Jim Bell, principal at Beasely RE, hopes so and has offered such a prize to whoever on the staff reaches five million dollars in sales first. See the announcement after the jump. [CurbedInbox] (Apologies: We briefly had Jim's last name as Beasley, not Bell.)

Washington, DC – Tuesday, August 28, 2012 - Jim Bell, managing partner of Beasley Real Estate has challenged its sales agents by launching the Beasley Real Estate Rolex Summer challenge. The contest officially began on June 1st to reward the real estate agent who achieves $5 million in real estate sales Beasley Real Estate was founded and launched less than a year ago, so Bell wanted to create a sales challenge that would inspire his team of esteemed agents and reward one winner with a new Rolex watch. "The Beasley Summer Challenge award will recognize one outstanding agent who demonstrated excellence and extraordinary success in Beasley real estate sales and a personal commitment to our business and our communities," says Bell. The Beasley Rolex Summer Challenge will award the first Beasley agent to reach $5 million in sales after June 1st. The winner will be announced on September 13th at a special gathering for Beasley and its agents. The location to be announced.