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Meet Lindsay Dreyer Of City Chic Real Estate

Since we are down to the final two competitors in our competition for Hottest Broker we thought we would find out more about them and the hottest property listing they have right now. Here, meet Lindsay from City Chic Real Estate who was also profiled in the Washington Post for bringing technology and real estate even closer together.

What did you do before getting into real estate?
I started selling homes at the ripe age of 21, right out of college. Before that I was a snowboard instructor, web designer and lifeguard!

What's the strangest or funniest thing to ever happen to you as an agent?
The strangest and funniest thing that's ever happened is for mature audiences only. I was showing a property and as we walked into the master bedroom there were clothes all over the place that were obviously shed very quickly & randomly (male & female for those keeping track at home). The shower was also on and we heard noises, so we quietly made our exit. I always get the go ahead from the owner before showing a property, so this came as a surprise!

What is the hottest property listing you have right now?
Lindsay passed on the information about a sunny one bed, one bath in Kalorama co-op asking $279,000. The co-op fees are a reasonable $412/month and include all utilities & taxes. We have some pictures after the jump.

· Listing: 2122 California St. [CityChicRealEstate]
· D.C. real estate firm adapts to tech-savvy clients [WaPo]