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18 Most Iconic Drinks; Why Restaurateurs Choose Logan

This week's top dish from Eater DC, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog...

EVERYWHERE—Following up on the map to DC's 20 most iconic dishes, Eater unleashes a map to DC's most iconic drinks, including a Nutella latte and slushitos.

LOGAN CIRCLE—It's just about time to celebrate the first anniversary of Pearl Dive Oyster Palace and Black Jack. Owner Jeff Black talked with Eater about the past year, plus he explains why that section of Logan Circle is red-hot real estate for restaurant operators.

SHAW—There are quite a few changes coming to Rogue 24. Beyond axing the 16-course menu and adding a four-course menu, the restaurant has plans to open a "gastro-bar" next door and is previewing that concept with a four-seat bar station starting September 4.

TAX WOES—Sister restaurants Cafe Green and Java Green are in some pretty serious tax trouble and have been forced to close for now until they can raise the $40,000 necessary to appease the DC Office of Tax and Revenue. They've set up a Paypal account in case anyone wants to donate.

GEORGETOWN—Mexican small plates restaurant Bandolero got a mixed review from Tom Sietsema this week that offered praise for the food, but utterly slammed the decor and decibel level. Owner Mike Isabella fired back at the critic on Twitter, where the two argued over the importance of atmosphere in judging restaurants.

GEORGETOWN—New York import Luke's Lobster opened its third DC-area location this week in Georgetown. Here's a look inside the space, which is the chain's biggest and most reclaimed ever.

ADAMS MORGAN—Earlier this week, the President and First Lady dined at Mintwood Place with some supporters. Chef Cedric Maupillier shared all the intel on the dinner with Eater.

EASTERN MARKET—Chef Johnny Spero aims to open his first-ever restaurant this fall in Eastern Market. Though he has yet to reveal the restaurant's exact location, here he shares the renderings and how he aims to create a laidback experience channeling the new fine dining.

WHITE HOUSE—Homebrewers across the country have started petitions and even submitted a FOIA request for the recipe to the White House Honey Ale. Now spokesman Jay Carney brings the good news that if they can get the required number of signatures on the petition, the White House will indeed release the recipe.

EVERYWHERE—In last week's Open Thread, Eater readers nominated their favorite spots for dining solo. Here are 12 of the best recommendations.