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Meet Stuart Gavan Of Redfin

Since we are down to the final two competitors in our competition for Hottest Broker we thought we would find out more about them and the hottest property listing they have right now. Here, meet Stuart Gavan of Redfin DC who is originally from England—which you may have gleaned from the numerous commenters who mentioned how attractive his accent is.

What did you do before getting into real estate?
Before joining Redfin in DC, I worked in real estate in London. Before that I was a broke student!

What's the strangest or funniest thing to ever happen to you as an agent?
So many things. The one that really stands out is falling through a termite infested staircase in a foreclosed home. Better me than my clients who were following me down the stairs. For other strange and funny things that happen to my colleagues and me, you can follow @REConfidential on Twitter.

What is the hottest property listing you have right now?
I mostly work as a buyer's agent, but my teammate Andrea Paro just listed this great property in Columbia Heights. It is a 3 bed, 2.5 bath for $519,900. The monthly amenity fees are $237/month and has a sleek modern kitchen plus walk-in Elfa closets in other parts of the house.

Check out the pictures after the jump—Ed.

· 1241 Kenyon St. [Redfin]