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View The Installation of Anacostia Canal Park's New Art; More

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ANACOSTIA—According to the Curbed Inbox, tomorrow is the day three new sculptures are going in to Canal Park to remind us there was water there. Anyone can come and watch the installation. From the release:
The design of the sculptures by artist David Hess is derived from the memory of the old canal and the water that once flowed from the Anacostia River north to the U.S. Capital building. Although the canal, designed by Pierre L'Enfant, became obsolete not long after it opened in 1815, the name Canal Park and its proximity to the Anacostia River still ask the question, "Where is the water?" The sculptures suggest that the water is still present, perhaps under the site or flowing through it. ANNAPOLIS—Our Racked coverage mentioned the opening of the new Hobo Bags store in Annapolis a few weeks ago and they just wrote in to tell us they're holding a three day sale with an extra 20% off their 40% off sale from now through Monday. Sale prices apply in-store and online (use the code EXTRA20 at checkout). [CurbedInbox]

THE PRINTED PAGE—The design-focused September issue of WSJ magazine is out tomorrow with a look at Christian Louboutin's home in the French countryside and a tale of Donatella Versace's glamorous life. [WSJ via CurbedInbox]