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Fierce And Fabulous In Cap Hill Apartment

Fierce is the name of the game if you want to live with this roommate and his strict standards. And making sure you've an eye for design. For less than $1,000/month, this poster is looking for another roommate nearly as fabulous as him to share a 2 bedroom, 1 bath unit in Capitol Hill. But before you get psyched up about this, make you've the following qualifications: (1) vegetarian or at least OK with a vegetarian kitchen, (2) do not own nor want a TV, and (3) are okay being guilted into hauling furniture that goes with his design preferences. And to make sure the aesthetics align, the poster has also included some pictures of furnishings he likes and his overall vision for the space (see above, dear Watson).

· $975 Roommate wanted to share fierce 2b/1b Apt in Capitol Hill [Craigslist]

Photos from Craigslist ad