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Dude Seeks Like-minded Cool And Vain Dude For Roommate

Here's one dude seeking another dude (strictly in the roommate way) in Logan Circle. But to be this lucky dude, you gotta meet some criteria. First, you better be "tearing the city up ever since" you left the college dorms and you gotta be in to "basically just fun twenty-something things". You'll be occupying the room of a former Washington Bullets player and you should be willing to take care of your appearance because there's a "giant mirror to admire yourself in if that's what you're into". And finally, let's hope you're into juicing your pecs while next to the commode since your bathroom's got some exercise equipment.

· $1250 In search of cool male roommate for our 5 BDR home! (Logan's Circle) [Craigslist]

Photos from Craigslist post