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Sawbuck's App Just Got Much Slinkier

If you don't know what the iPhone's magnetometer, accelerometer, GPS, and Gyroscope do then download the HomeSnap app to see them in action. This is the brainchild of real estate search engine Sawbuck that lets you find out listing details of a house just by taking a picture of it. They announced it at South By Southwest earlier this year, but are giddy with excitement over receiving $3.5M in funding from Revolution Ventures. They've just released an upgraded version of the app that lets you share pictures to Facebook and see recently 'snapped' houses for major cities. After the jump is the promo video that shows how the app works. Update: Originally this post stated their funding was from JBG. It was in fact from Revolution Ventures and private investor Robert Stewart, who is a managing partner at JBG.

Video from YouTube

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