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Mass Heights Modern Manse Seeks Art Aficionado And No PBR

We know the lifestyles of the rich and discreet come with certain expectations, and home builders are willing to cater to their whims. And this 4 bedroom contemporary listed for $2.7M is no exception. While the manse has an au-pair/staff suite to house the ones who handle the little tykes and soon-to-be tycoons, this home is geared towards more cultured adults. It's 'perfect for upscale entertaining' (meaning no low-class, mass brew at shindigs here) and has 'tons of open space for displaying art'. Translation: You better have more than a gauche Thomas Kinkade to hang on these highfalutin' walls.

· Listing: 2907 Normanstone Ln [Estately]

Photos from Estately