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Microsoft's Second NoVa Store Parties Hard And Blasts Music At Its Pentagon City Neighbors

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As we mentioned in Thursday's Racked round up, the Microsoft store opened at Pentagon City yesterday. We were invited to the opening, and we took in the sights, sounds, and deals with the best of them.

Event: Microsoft Store Opening @ The Fashion Centre @ Pentagon City
In The House: Lots of dudes. Let's be honest here: This is a techie event. So there were a lot of guys ready to bum rush the store. And near the front of the incredibly long line were some people who clearly slept there overnight, as evidenced by the blankets and bed hair. But gotta say: Lots of energy.
Dress Code: Geeky and not chic-y. Again, this is a techie event. Plenty of teenage boys in ill-fitting shirts and cargo shorts looking to score some video games and play with gadgets. And there were some ladies in the crowd too. But for the Microsoft employees, they were rocking solid t-shirts in one of the company's four colors.
Menu: No food here. Just toys and tools. Need a tablet? Want some new video games? Check out the latest software? That's what this place serves up.
Music: Anything upbeat and poppy. Keeps the energy high and everyone (or nearly everyone) knows the words.
Overheard: [From a mall shopper clearly not aware of what's happening] "Jeez, these guys must really want Windows bad."