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Time To Play Spot The Hipster!

ShawnMikael(s) at Studio 1469 [YouTube]

Finding your way to Studio 1469 is tough, even if you have a cool hat and brightly colored jacket. That's why the local comedy duo ShawnMikael(s) has put together this helpful video telling you how to get there (where, by sheer coincidence, they also have a show tonight). It doubles as a nice tour of the neighborhood and tells you what to do if you make the same mistake everyone else makes and show up at 1469 Harvard Street. Before viewing, make sure to read the following fine print: WARNING: Someone dressed like a hipster will appear in this video. Take appropriate measures to protect vision and sanity.

· ShawnMikael at Studio 1469 [Facebook]
· Directions to 1469 [YouTube]

Disclosure time: this writer and the Shawn half of the comedy pair have been friends for a while. But no bribes, drinks, or offers of dinner were accepted in exchange for showing you this video. She just thought it was fun for a Friday morning.