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Romney Plays Texas Hold 'Em With Real Estate; Urban Alarm

TEXAS—Amongst the many assets listed on Mitt Romney's disclosed tax forms is the interest from the mortgage for this house which he leases out for $600 per month. It is one of the few financial flops he invested in. [NYT]

CLEVELAND PARK—A security company called Urban Alarm wrote us to say they're expanding their DC presence. Already they have seen a 40% drop in crime in the neighborhood they patrol near Cleveland Park (officially called: Woodland-Normanstone). Click through for the press release about what services they provide. [CurbedInbox; Wikipedia]

D.C. Area Mobile Patrol Reduces Crime

Local Security Alarm Company Reduces Crime in Northwest D.C. Neighborhood

WASHINGTON, D.C. (July 27, 2012) Urban Alarm, a D.C. based security alarm company, offers a mobile guard patrol service to residents in a Northwest D.C. neighborhood. In the area currently under patrol, this unique service has reduced crime by 40%. This mobile patrol complements the security alarm monitoring services also provided by Urban Alarm.

While the major appeal of the safety patrol is the peace of mind that a neighborhood security presence offers, Urban Alarm's patrol has many other features. Beyond neighborhood monitoring, patrol officers provide a safewalk service and secure airport transfer. Both of these services are designed to ensure the safe transit of customers to and from the airport, or around the neighborhood. The urban vacation watch assures customers that their property is safe while they are out of town as they know that their home is being monitored.

Patrol officers drive through the monitored neighborhood in clearly labeled company vehicles on a daily basis, at varying times, based on the crime statistics of the given area. They constantly check in with the office using a mobile application to provide updates as to the status of customer property. If anything is amiss--a door left open, a contractor on site, a package delivered, any property damage--they immediately contact the customer and inform them of the situation. Patrol officers can also be reached directly on the "Patrol Hotline" while they are on duty. As part of the concierge service, patrol officers will hold onto and redeliver packages to clients if they are away from home.

The mobile patrol and various security alarm monitoring services are also available to commercial, multi-unit residential, and retail clients. Urban Alarm is a local company with a neighborhood presence that supports local businesses and works to ensure their peace of mind.

Urban Alarm is a D.C. based company founded in 2003 and the fastest growing company in the District. Urban Alarm provides security and fire alarm installation and monitoring, video security, access control, and guard patrols in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. It is the only alarm company in D.C. that provides mobile guard patrols.