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After $22M In Renovations The Madison Hotel Is Finished

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When the Madison Hotel opened in 1963 President Kennedy was one of the first people to spend the night. Since then too many big names to count have used this as their hotel of choice when passing through the District. And now, after about two years and more than twenty million dollars of renovations, the hotel is ready for another wave of visitors. Architect Dominick Coyne oversaw the whole project and focused on the tiny details to merge the past with the present (you'll find the octagon shape showing up in different carpet designs, for example, to harken back to the shape of many original buildings in the city). We have a few pictures of the new decor that used the past as its inspiration—like that toile wallpaper that was based off of a pattern for a sofa in the Kennedy White House. But unlike that place this building has WiFi in every room.

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Photos from Madison Hotel

The Madison Hotel

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