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Designer Michael Aram Appearance; Heat Wave Graphics

HERE, LAST WEEK—In case you had a hard time visualizing exactly how hot it was during the past heat wave the Post has created this innovative chart to demonstrate the high temperatures (a small chunk of it is at right). It could double as a modern art piece. [WaPo]

TYSONS—Michael Aram, designer of all things in the home decor world, will be at Nordstrom's next Friday, July 20th, to kick off their Anniversary Sale. He'll be one hand in the Home Department from 12-3 pm to answer questions, show off his latest line of products, and personalize any of the ones you buy. For an idea of some of things that will be available, check out his website. [OfficialSite; CurbedInbox] (Note: This post has been updated with the correct time for Michael's appearance).