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Just Do It All For The Nookie

Happy Bastille Day! Oh, wait, that's not for another 9 days, but if you want to give yourself a little pied-a-terre on 16th Street between Dupont and Logan, here's a Craiglist post that you'll swoon over. And we do mean little. As in 255 sq.ft. of space. The studio in the Ravenel makes no bones about its cozy quality and is looking for a renter who likes it "Nookalicious In Cozy Town". If you're up for dropping $1,375/month (that's about $5.40 per sq.ft.), this pad becomes available on July 14. We would say that it's best to get cozy with someone else, but we're not too sure you can squeeze another warm body into this unit.

· Nookalicious In Cozy Town [Craigslist]