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Church Or Beer For The DMV; Adler Store Delay; Uber Adds SUVs

DMV—Some statistics geeks mapped geotagged tweets that had either the word 'beer' or 'church' in them and found the counties with the higher proportion of one corresponded closely with the red/blue divide of the previous election. This area, however, mostly came in about even between the two. [FloatingSheep via Guardian]

ADLER WIRE—Sad face time, Adler fans. A rep for the company confirms that the opening of the store on Wisconsin Avenue has been postponed until August. We'll let you know an exact date as soon as it is announced. [CurbedInbox]

UBER WIRE—Now you can have your Uber supersized. The company is rolling out a SUV line of vehicles that can fit six people (or a whole heckuva lot of luggage) and you can choose which size car you want from their app. Of course the price goes up a bit for the SUV size so we've pasted their price list after the break. In the chart "black" refers to the regular size cars.