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Folksy Tune Directs Peace, Love, And Swear Words At Pepco

What better way to stick it to the man than to come up with a catchy tune that captures it all and then put it on Youtube. DCist has the story of a group of housemates who created what may be the Derecho's anthem. With the chorus of "What the hell, you guys? Stop telling us these lies. All we want at this point is air conditioning in our lives" and a few more not-at-all-safe-for-work lyrics involving many of the frequently used four letter words we know and love the group Acoustic By Circumstance has summed up how many feel about Pepco this week. The two minute video is after the break and they've helpfully typed out the lyrics in case you can't watch this sort of thing at work (or are you one of the lucky ones and your house power is back on?). They are pretty good musicians and one of them, the guy on the right, has his own website and everything.

· F*ck You, Pepco [YouTube/Acoustic By Circumstance]
· Human Voices [OfficialSite]
· Song Asks Pepco, 'How Hard Can It Be to Clear a F*cking Tree?' [DCist]


When we lost our power they said,
"You're shit out of luck
'Cause we have a monopoly
so we don't give a fuck

You say it's hot as hell outside
You're about to lose your lunch
But just you wait until you see
the bill from us next month"

How hard can it be
to clear a fucking tree?
Pepco has one job to do:
To keep the lights on in D.C.

What the hell, you guys?
Stop telling us these lies
All we want at this point
is air conditioning in our lives

Listen now, we understand:
We had a lot of rain
But that was like a week ago--
get your head in the game

'Cause right now it appears to be
lodged firmly in your ass
This hasn't been a problem
for our water or our gas

Fuck you, Pepco
Suck a bag of dicks
Cut this bullshit
and get our power fixed
Right quick