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Gilt's Warehouse Sale Brought Out The Boys (And Plenty Of Girls Too)

This weekend we were invited to the Gilt Warehouse sale and we took in the sights, sounds, and deals with the best of them.

Event: Gilt City Warehouse Sale
In The House: The fashion mavens were out in force. Certainly more female-centric than male, the clientele looked like they were plucked right off of NYC's Bleeker Street strutting around with a lot of sophistication and a little bit of edge. But everyone was there for the same reason: To score amazing deals on amazing duds.
Dress Code: Definitely not business casual. Ladies were wearing their highest, sexiest heels and hottest handbags and the men were in designer jeans, expensive shoes, tailored blazers, and great pairs of shades. It was most certainly not the usual crowd of ill-dressed federal workers us Washingtonians are used to witnessing.
Menu: Georgetown Cupcakes to keep the blood sugar high, Vita Coco Coconut Water to keep shoppers hydrated, and plenty of alcohol to keep minds loose and wallets looser.
Music: Loud, thumping music by DJ Aluko that drowned out the shrill screams of society chicks and dudes wigging out over marked down Scotch & Soda shorts.
Overheard: [In the men's dressing room while trying on shorts with a few other guys] "Wait. You actually found shorts that aren't swim suits. Everything I saw has that annoying net lining that irritates my balls."

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