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A Seven Porch Mansion Now At A Bungalow Price

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We've been watching the story of this house since exactly one year ago when the four million dollar listing had slid down to just over two million. It took a few more tumbles, including dropping down below the construction cost, and now the house is officially a short sale. The four bed/five and a half bath is asking $975,000 which is the best deal you could possibly hope for in a Chesapeake waterfront property with a rooftop cupola that has 360 degree views. Plus, our favorite amenity of all, the second dishwasher specifically designed for washing crystal. The house is in Cambridge, Md—a two hour drive from DC, so now even if you aren't rolling in dough you can have a weekend getaway.

· Listing: 5247 Ragged Point Road [William Ganz/ExitResultsRealty]
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Ragged Point

5247 Ragged Point Road, Cambridge , md