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'Prior Rights' Help Tysons' Surge In Growth

The 123 side of Tysons is a mess right now because of the Metro work. Soon it will be an even bigger mess because of an office tower, a Grand Hyatt, and a 395-unit apartment building. Last week Macerich broke ground on what will be the largest mixed-use section of Tysons if the company's contractors of Kettler, Hines Interests of Houston, and Woodbine Development Corp. manage to get everything done. Nearby Lerner Enterprises—of the baseball team's first family—is building another enterprise and both teams are happy that they initiated the projects under prior rules. They're so confident in the success of the project that they are contracting out the work rather than offering a stake in the business to potential partners.

· Macerich chief takes a lesson from Lerner [WaPo]