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A Houseboat With Room For Extra Water On Top

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The kinds of amenities people usually brag about differ when it comes to houseboats. Elsewhere sellers want you to know about the spacious backyard and finished deck, in this case the seller tells us the upper deck is reinforced to hold the weight of hot tub and 100 guests. Since those are the kinds of things you have to think about when you live on water. This boat doesn't come with the hot tub itself, but is pre-wired for one if you want to get one installed. The three bed, two bath boat is $1,200 square feet and is asking $324,900, which would be an insanely low price if it was a three bed, two bath condo on terra firma. Besides some engine porn, the pictures show you how they configured the space to have an eat-in-kitchen, sort of.

· Listing: 600 Water ST SW #0 [Estately]

The Gangplank Marina

600 Water Street SW , Washington, DC 20024