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A Georgetown Townhouse With A Misunderstood Fireplace

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Down the street from DSK's infamous digs sits a gorgeous townhouse that's been through a "complete and thorough gut-renovation". But this puppy's unique feature is the fireplace in the kitchen. It's not quite a pizza oven kind of fireplace (but we guess it could be used for that) nor is it the oh-let's-cuddle-with-a-glass-of-chianti sort of fireplace. It's more of a this-is-an-odd-height-and-location sort of fireplace. Priced at $2,250,000, the townhouse has 4 bedrooms, 3.5 spa-like baths, and an intimate outdoor patio making it quite easy to find other places to do other things.

· Listing: 3010 Dumbarton St [Estately]