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Another Thing We Can Use To Make Fun Of Nixon

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Because we need to know more bad things about the guy: there's property records out there that show he bought a house on Tilden and signed a covenant restricting the race of who he would sell the house to. He bought the house in 1952—eleven years after the Supreme Court had deemed such things unconstitutional—and paid $41,000. (There are more questions about the purchase since he claimed he was broke but managed to make a fifty percent downpayment.) Anyway, from the document:

“No part of land hereby conveyed shall ever be used, or occupied by, or sold , demised, transferred, conveyed unto, or in trust for, leased, or persons of negro blood or extraction, or to any rented or given to negro people or any person or person of the Semitic race, blood, or origin which racial description shall be deemed to include Armenians, Jews, Hebrews, Persians, or Syrians, except that, this paragraph shall not be held to exclude partial occupancy of the premises by domestic servants of said parities hereto of the second part their heirs or assigns.” · Senator Nixon Signs Discriminatory Restrictive Covenant [GhostsOfDC]