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Hot Rentals In Mt. Pleasant For Under $1500

In a nabe known for its more hippie ethos, there are still opportunities to indulge your yipster (yuppie + hipster) ways in Mt. Pleasant. From single-sourced pours at Flying Fish to an upcoming hip Thai restaurant to the funky duds at Nana, you don’t have to solely rely on dumpster diving to score your next meal and/or outfit. And to get in on this action, here are some digs for under $1500. (Think of how many hemp bags you could buy with that many clams?)

· The Ten Least Expensive Properties In Mt. Pleasant [CDC]

3. Somewhere on 17th St
Monthly Rent: $1,450
Bedrooms: 1
The Perks: If you remember the guys from Sh*t People From DC Say, there's nothing more "DC" than an English basement. The 1 bedroom listing has info on dimensions for your living space and is ready to roll September 1st. And utilities are included in the rent. But no smoking (anything) is allowed.

2. Park Rd & 18th St
Monthly Rent: $1,390
Bedrooms: 1
The Perks: Already available, and probably soon to be off-the-market, this 1 bedroom has lots of light, plenty of perks, and access to amenities. Plus, there's a very fun sink in the bathroom.

1. Kilbourne Pl & Mt. Pleasant Rd
Monthly Rent: $1,250
Bedrooms: 1
The Perks: So for this deal, it's available starting in mid-Aug for a 1 year lease. The 1 bedroom basement unit has light, two entrances, and includes all utilities in the rent. But no pets allowed so Fido has to go elsewhere.