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An Over The Top Property Sits And Waits

The pedigree of this house is lengthy. Designed by famous Georgetown architect Hugh Newell Jacobsen, it sits on McLean's Crest Lane and has a swimming pool that overlooks the Potomac. The four bed, five and a half bath started out asking nine million dollars and had its first price cut down to $8.4M back in May. We've been expecting another price cut since not very many people have eight million dollars to throw around (even though the house may be worth that high a figure), but so far this summer it hasn't moved down in price. Is there an autumn chop in its future or will the sellers hold on until next year?

· Listing: 1003 Crest Lane [Zillow]
· A Hugh Newell Jacobsen Masterpiece On McLean's Crest Lane [CDC]

Jacobsen Crest Lane

1003 Crest Ln , Mc Lean, VA 22101