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The Eisenhower Memorial Controversy Exists Partly Because Eisenhower Wasn't Controversial Enough

The August issue of Vanity Fair devotes three full pages to the Eisenhower Memorial controversy and points out that is gosh-darned hard to honor someone who is known for more than one political achievement. Interstate highways or Brown Vs. Board of Education? WWII victory or notable speeches? There's only so much room on those tapestries. As the author concludes:

Part of the problem Gehry faces is that Eisenhower evokes few intense feelings. He is admired, and as Gehry himself has said, the more you learn about him, the more you admire him. But his measured eloquence and quiet, focused achievement weren’t stirring. How do you design a memorial to effectivenessA Monumental Conflict [VanityFair]

Eisenhower Memorial

Independence Ave and 4th Street, SW, Washington, DC