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Real People Volunteered To Do This

There's a new exhibition at the Renwick starting today that curates forty artists under the age of forty who have re-imagined the art of craftmaking. One of them has a thing for crochet. She already covered the Einstein statue in pink and purple threads, but there's more where that came from.

On display through February 3, 2013 is something akin to the above seizure-inducing room plus thirty-nine other installations that stretch your definition of craft. Whatever your definition happens to be. All of the artists have short videos showing them in action, but we've pasted the Crochet Queen's escapades after the jump (her name is Olek, fyi). Safe for work, but not necessarily safe for your retinas. Also on the Interwebs is this first person account of what it is like to spend the day in a yarn jumpsuit while people stare and take photos.

Video from YouTube

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