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Screens And Insulation Outsmart Mother Nature

The team that built Arlington's first passive house has updated their blog with info about how it held up during the past few days of intense heat and then how things went when the power was off. They go into all the details but here's some brief jealousy-inducing info: when it was one hundred and three degrees outside (pre-derecho) the temperatures indoors ranged from seventy to seventy-seven degrees inside from the basement to the top floor.

Then when the storm was over and it reached ninety-three degrees outside the highest it got inside was eighty-one degrees on the top floor (but the basement stayed in the low seventies). So there you go, that's what three times as much insulation plus solar screens can do to a house. We'll be back later this afternoon with another way some DC buildings are blocking those summer rays.

· Monitoring and power outage [ArlingtonPassivHaus]

Arlington Passive House

Barcroft , Arlington, Va