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It Turns Out Dupont Circle Really Is Where It's At

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What is going on with that weirdo graphic, you're asking right now. And what does that have to do with me paying twice as much to live in Dupont than anywhere else, you're also wondering. Well, allow the data nerds at Uber to explain. They've gone granular on us and compared neighborhood data within each to city to see the travel habits people in each one have as well as which neighborhood best represents the city as a whole. Turns out Dupont is the most stereotypical neighborhood for DC, while Deanwood is the neighborhood least "unlike" the rest of the city. Confused yet? Well, that's understandable, but they talk you through it on their blog where it may become a little more clear. Of course they're talking travel data here, not personalities or demographics, so rest those hackles gentrification-haters. But if this does give you the urge to move to Dupont we coincidentally have a list of the least expensive places to buy and we'll be back to tomorrow with our list of affordable rentals.

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