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Dupont Circle Math Time: 2 Becomes 1 + A Rooftop Pool

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Get out your calculators kids to solve this equation. We have two carriage houses that have been tastefully combined into one home with more than 5,000 sq.ft. of space. Plus, this pad has 4 en-suite bedrooms and an extra full bath, a mezzanine, elevator, 3 decks, a rooftop pool, an additional lot, and a British phone booth. But we're not done: You need to subtract $495,500 from the previous ask we profiled last November because this home is on the market for $3,999,500. We're hoping the answer on your calculator is correct. · Listing: 2220 Q St NW [HomeDatabase]
· The Rooftop Pool Is The Least Exciting Thing About This House [CDC]