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Wangari Gardens From Start To Almost-Almost-Finished

Planting Community from Still Life Projects on Vimeo.

The community-driven garden at the corner of Kenyon and Park has come from being a neglected lot—even the government didn't know who owned it—to having a huge group of people working on it. Dozens of raised beds are already built and there are even more in the works. It took months of chasing red tape and a large charge to someone's credit card bill to get the project started, but the locals have come out in droves. The five minute video above explains the project from the people who started it all and there's even more to read about over here.

· Wangari Gardens [OfficialSite]
· Still life projects [Official Site]
· Planting Community [Vimeo]

Wangari Gardens

Kenyon Street, Washington, DC Visit Website