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Four Leafy Lots For Sale In Bethesda?...Priceless.

According to our inbox, some primo building land has just opened up in the Ayrlawn region of Bethesda. Right at the corner of Johnson Avenue and Lindale Drive is a huge expanse of grass and dirt that currently only has one house sitting on it. The rest of the land was just approved by the county to be subdivided into four separate lots and so they are all up for sale effective immediately. The family selling the land has not set a price but are taking offers until August 17th, 2012. This property used to be part of a working dairy farm and from an email we learned:

This unique building opportunity is located on Johnson Avenue at the corner of Lindale Drive. The lots flank an old farmhouse which was once part of the nationally known Ayrlawn Farms, a dairy farm producing “Jersey Creamline Milk” as well as champion cows and bulls during the 1930’s and 1940’s. Several buildings from the farm still stand in Ayrlawn Park. Also not too far away is the house where Walter Johnson (the Senators’ famous pitcher) lived, for whom this street is named. Anyone interested in making an offer should contact the Betty W. Sutermeister Revocable Trust at