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What It Was Like Growing Up In A Louis Kahn House

Our cousins at Curbed Philly have an essay by someone who spent her childhood growing up in a custom home built by famed architect Louis Kahn. The writer, Nina Fisher, is now a resident of Annapolis, so if you want to see a photo tour as well as a local's take on what it was like to live in an 'honest building' by this legendary designer then click on over. As a master of creating spaces so that light became as important as the wood and stone used to construct them, Kahn took seven years to get this house right. He once told the writer's mother that "...without light you don’t have space or, you might say, a room, and so a room is made of a character of light.” Do feast your eyes on this loveliness.

· What Lou Taught Me: Growing Up in Kahn's Fisher House [CurbedPhilly]