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What's A Reclusive Millionaire Gotta Do To Get A Sewer Hook Up Around Here?

The much maligned 1% have had a rough year: skewered on many media sites, the object of disaffection from disaffected youths camping for too long in city parks, and now, they can't even get a decent poop chute. Or at least that's the problem facing secretive billionaire Mitchell Rales. On a 200-acre Potomac estate dubbed Glenstone, Rales wants to construct "a new museum that would rival the size of the East Building of the National Gallery of Art." But what's stopping the museum's fanfare is a needed connection to the MoCo sewer system. It would be awesome if this snafu is worked out so people and art aficionados alike can experience "one of the most extraordinary modern art collections in private hands". However, since visits are limited and being "connected to 'the blogging community'" is highlighted on the visitation form, we probably won't be seeing it for a while. So take a pic for us if you go.

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